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Topic: Comparing tools used to the administering of a K-12 school budget.

This Discussion Board focuses on tools and techniques used in administering a K–12 budget. As a grade level leader, you will have to have a working knowledge of the tools used to make sure that your budget is adequately funded in all areas. Use these websites as you compare the tools used by two different systems. 

The first site is:

Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction. (n.d.). Special education funding in Washington state.


The second site is:

Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. (n.d.). School finance tools.


 Upon review of these two websites, pick one similar tool from each site, as well as one tool that is relevant only to that particular state, and answer the questions below: 

  • What elements were common between the two similar tools?
  • Did you notice any differences in the tools that were only relevant to that particular state?
  • Were there any unique tools from the two sites that stood out to you and why?
  • What were the tools used in both states that you would feel comfortable using today if you were in charge of that budget?

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