[Unlock Answer From 10/Pg] Unit Viii Projectinstructionsmarketing Plan

[Unlock Answer From 10/Pg] Unit Viii Projectinstructionsmarketing Plan

Unit VIII Project


Marketing Plan Part II

In this assignment, you will conclude the marketing plan you started in Unit VII by completing the second half of the marketing plan steps outlined in the beginning of Chapter 2. As you will recall, these are:

  • Recommend the most important strategies and tactics.
  • Check the numbers.
  • Sell the plan.
  • Execute and track progress.

Remember to continue the discussion of the same project example you chose in Unit VII. Your plan must be specific to your project example and show your own personalized approach. Ensure that you:

  • include specifics of what you would do, ask, or research in each step for the most effective outcomes;
  • show evidence of applied business principles and demonstrate your understanding of the course and unit concepts; and
  • explain how the principles of social marketing will be implemented in your plan.

This second part of your marketing plan must be a minimum of three pages, not including the title and reference pages. You are encouraged to include graphics, charts, or other supporting material that will support or enhance your plan; however, these are not counted in the three-page written requirement. You must use at least 6 (SIX) sources to support your essay, including the 3 you used last week. All sources must come from the CSU electronic library, and must have citations and references properly formatted in APA Style

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