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[Unlock Answer From 10/Pg] Point Font Include

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After years of hard work, Dave becomes a member of the U.S. Ski team. He has always set outcome goals for himself: becoming the fastest skier in his club, winning regional races, beating opponents, and placing at nationals. Unfortunately, he gets off to a rocky start at the World Cup circuit. He had wanted to be the fastest American downhiller and to place in the top three at each World Cup race, but with so many good racers competing it has become impossible to beat them consistently. To make matters worse, because of his lower ranking Dave skis far back in the pack (after the course has been chopped up by the previous competitors), which makes it virtually impossible to place in the top three.

As Dave becomes more frustrated by his failures, his motivation declines. He no longer looks forward to competitions: he either skis out of control, focuses entirely on finishing first, or skis such a safe line through the course that he finishes well back in the field. Dave blames his poor finishes on the wrong ski wax and equipment. He does not realize that his outcome goal orientation, which had served him well at the lower levels of competition where he could more easily win, is now leading to lower confidence, self-doubt, and less motivation.

So, what would you do? For this assignment begin to analyze how you would assist Dave. How would you help the athlete cope or address motivation? What consulting would you provide? What are the issues in motivation you feel Dave is facing? Provide Dave some solutions to his problem. Make sure to be detailed and to use references to support your direction. 

Writing Requirements

You must also cite and reference two peer-reviewed sources. The textbook may count as one. You will need to find another non-Internet scholarly source. I recommend looking on Ebsco or Proquest for great scholarly sources. You can also reference the back of the text for the author’s sources. 

Be sure to use the lecture, book, and peer-reviewed outside sources to defend your stance on the topic. All written submissions should reflect current APA, professionalism in grammar, spelling, writing style/format (one-inch margins, double spaced, typed in 12-point font), include APA citations when appropriate, an appropriate APA title page, and be uploaded as .doc or .docx documents. The expectation at the graduate level is that you will write like a graduate-level student. 

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