[Unlock Answer From 10/Pg] One Method Shawn Could

[Unlock Answer From 10/Pg] One Method Shawn Could

Provide 5-6 sentences to post below:


  • Identify flaws in Shawn’s ideas about time management and some techniques he can use to figure out how he divides his time. 

I believe Shawn has enough time to manage his work, school, and social life. He simply procrastinates too much and is being lazy on the weekends. Aside from that, he simply lacks motivation to stay engaged in his schoolwork. This leaves him with “no time” and having to scramble at the last minute to turn in assignments. A simple solution that could ease his worries would be to invest in a planner. Having a planner would help organize how to use his time. Sometimes actually seeing how much time there is to work with helps ease that stress. He would be able to organize every day for the entire school year if he committed enough to it. Also, having a to-do list reinforces managing your time wisely. It encourages the need to complete the list. For example, when I know I have to complete several tasks, I start my to-do list, and this gets the ball rolling. Once I get started on it, I end up completing my to-do list every time. It provides a sense of fulfilment and reinforces that habit. 

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  • What strategies can Shawn use to take control and effectively manage his time once he figures out where his time is going? 

One method Shawn could implement immediately is the 3-2-1 trick. The 3-2-1 trick is a great way to start regardless of what time Shawn gets home from work. He could even utilize it before spending time with his girlfriend on the weekends. The 3-2-1 trick can help Shawn overcome his motivation issue and even inspire him. Simply follow the steps provided by Improvement Pills video ‘How to Stop Procrastinating’ and make the 3-2-1 trick into a habit. Also, using the to-do list method, as stated above in question one’s answer, is a great way to focus Shawn on important tasks. Not only is it a great reminder of those important tasks, but it can also be motivating to cross those tasks off your list reinforcing those good habits. I personally use to-do lists when I have a “no fail” task for the day or week. It keeps me focused on what needs to be done and helps me organize my day around my list. It also gets me motivated to continue adding tasks that I have previously put off and need to get done. The to-do list helps engage that mindset and I complete more tasks than I began with. I would highly recommend it to Shawn.  

Shushan, Jamie. (2013). The Pocket Guide to College Success (Third Edition). P. 60 

Improvement Pill. (2015). How To Stop Procrastinating – The 321 Trick.https://youtu.be/vOQCsc02xus (Links to an external site.) 

  • What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of Shawn completing his coursework online, and what is the role of time management when taking online classes? 

An advantage that Shawn has for completing online coursework is that he has an ample amount of time to do the work. Normally, turning in an assignment would be at the beginning or even the end of class which could be as early as 9am. In the online course one could easily turn in an assignment at 11pm and still receive full credit. To caveat off that, Shawn could plan his days by doing his assignments before going to work or after getting off work. Another advantage is not having to travel. For example, in my case, I would have to drive an hour and 25 minutes to attend class, instead I am able to save on travel expenses and use that time for completing assignments. A disadvantage is that Shawn tends to procrastinate because he has that time available to him now. If he were attending an in-person session, he would have that time slot set aside for coursework. The disadvantage here is that Shawn does not have that sense of obligation to complete his assignments on time. It is all on Shawn, he must be the one to want to do the work. 

  • What are some potential challenges you think Shawn will face as he navigates his current situation? Do you share any of these time management challenges? If so, what is your plan to combat them? 

The first challenge Shawn will face, as will anyone else, is taking that first step forward. By taking that first step forward he is getting out of that fixed mindset and moving towards a growth mindset. The to-do list, the planner, and the 3-2-1 trick are all great resources that Shawn could make great use of. Another challenge is that he must work at it long enough to develop the good habits and drop the bad ones. It is not an overnight fix; it needs to be worked on consistently to work. I do happen to have some similar time management challenges also. With work, my baby on the way, and now school, I see my time becoming more limited. However, I plan to combat these challenges by continuing to use my planner as well as my to-do list. These have worked wonders for me so far, so I see no reason to stop. I will try the 3-2-1 trick as well. I am curious to see how it will work for me during this course. I will probably have to postpone my Call of Duty time to weekends only, HA!  

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