[Unlock Answer From 10/Pg] Main Points Paragraph 2

[Unlock Answer From 10/Pg] Main Points Paragraph 2

Choose a science news article that highlights a current event or recent research related to either astronomy or cosmology. In searching for an appropriate article, the following online science news sources are suggested. (Do not use reference websites such as Wikipedia or Internet blogs as sources.)




  • Paragraph 1 – develop a summary, in your own words, of the article’s main points
  • Paragraph 2 – outline, in your own words and ideas, direct and specific connections between the article and one or more specific concepts presented in this week’s readings and lesson material relevant to the topic
  • Paragraph 3 – provide your perspective on the article’s importance, drawing on your own experiences as applicable
  • Provide the exact web address that links directly to the article

500 words or more. 

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