[Unlock Answer From 10/Pg] Fathers Typically Express Love

[Unlock Answer From 10/Pg] Fathers Typically Express Love


Read Balswick, Fifth Edition, Part 5 (Communication, chapter 13). Then answer the following questions. 

Follow the same format and instructions as on Assignment 1.  Note that some answers must be longer than others.

1. In your own experience, what factors in today’s world have increased the individual sense of alienation and loneliness? 

2. Discuss the effects of expressions of love, both verbal and non-verbal. Pages 240-242

3. What keeps some people from expressing love? Pages 242-243

4. Explain the difference between how mothers and fathers typically express love toward sons and daughters. Pages 243-245

5. Summarize the discussion on expressing anger in a family context. Pages 245-246

6. What forms of denial often occur in family conflict? Page 246

7. List and summarize various constructive approaches to conflict. Pages 247-250

8. What is the biblical perspective on anger? Page 250

9. List and summarize the various styles of handling conflict. Pages 253-256

Pages might not be accurate. 

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