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Lesson Plan Portfolio Checkpoint 2: Web Maps 

Resource Video: Creating Web Map in Word  (Links to an external site.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZpgeCdbZGQ

For this assignment you will create 4 thematic web maps for your lesson plan portfolio. You will create a web map for each of the following:  

    • Infants ( Birth-23 months)
    • Toddlers (24-35 months)
    • Preschool (36-47 months or 3 years old)
    • Pre-Kindergarteners /Kindergarteners ( 48-60 months or 4 years old)

Each web map should include the following:

    • Thematic unit title from checkpoint 1 as the center of the web map
    • The following centers/areas
      • Math
      • Language/Literacy
      • Science
      •  Social Studies
      • Physical Development
        • Fine Motor(FM)
        • Gross Motor(GM)
      • Books/Whole Group
      • Music/Movement
  • At least 3 different skills/concepts to work on with children identified for each center/area listed above
    • Use MS Early Learning Standards
    • These standards will be your guide for selecting activities for your future activity plans

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