[Unlock Answer From 10/Pg] Air Force Two Years

[Unlock Answer From 10/Pg] Air Force Two Years


Individual Discussion Topics:

1) For Francisco’s resume, write the Work Experience section for the following three jobs. They span approximately five years. Make up any information that is missing.

  • Francisco worked at Oleander Juice Bar. He took orders for and prepared juice drinks. He also operated the cash register and balanced the register each night. He became the crew manager after six months.
  • Francisco worked for Complete Lawn Care. He mowed lawns for several businesses and residences. Part of his job included trimming bushes and raking leaves. He learned how to plant flowers and bushes and to apply insecticides and fertilizer.
  • Working for Lucky Horse Stables, he groomed horses; cleaned out the stalls; fed, walked, and trained horses; and provided them with basic medical care.

2)For each situation, decide whether a chronological or functional resume is appropriate. Suggest possible sections/headings for each situation.

  • Boota worked for eight years as a dental hygienist. She stopped work for ten years while her children were small. She worked part-time in a day care center for three of those years and volunteered at her children’s schools. She also kept the accounting ledger for her husband’s restaurant. Now at 38, she has just completed an associate degree in accounting with a GPA of 3.9.
  • Marcine just graduated with a degree in occupational therapy. Before she went to school, she worked as a carpenter’s helper.
  • Lyle retired from the Air Force two years ago and has taken a few marketing courses. As a teenager and young adult, he worked in his father’s printing company. He is applying to be a sales representative for a publishing company.

Discussion Objective(s):

  • Select one of the above topics, and follow the instructions provided.
  • After completing your assignment, pose one meaningful question that allows your classmates to examine your assignment and connect it to our discussion on employment portfolios.
  • Respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts.
  • Include which topic you chose to complete in your subject line.

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