[Unlock Answer From 10/Pg] 300 Words Apa Format

[Unlock Answer From 10/Pg] 300 Words Apa Format

Please write a response to the article below using the guidelines-(Using 200-300 words APA format with at least two references. Sources must be published within the last 5 years. There should be a mix between research and your reflections. Add critical thinking in the posts along with research. Apply the material in a substantial way.)

Note: Please do not use material from Course Hero as my instructor checks it. Original material needed please.


When making an assessment of a community, a nurse must take into consideration all things that make up that community. The geopolitical space is made up of community boundaries and geographic features, vegetation and climate. Location and environment are both factors that can directly affect the health and quality of life of the community (GCU, 2018).

The phenomenological place is psychological location and focuses on culture, education, beliefs and values, history and economics. Assessment help determine the needs of the community and any barriers that need to be addressed while allowing the nurse to plan appropriate interventions (GCU, 2018).

The nursing process is no different than in any other clinical setting. Assessments are made, needs are identified, interventions are planned and carried out and outcomes evaluated. In the school setting, one of the required assessments set forth by the Ohio Department of Health is hearing and vision screenings to help identify students at reis for auditory/visual deficits which directly impact the learning process.  ODH sets the requirements for what grades are routinely screened each year, what equipment is acceptable to use, what specific vision tests are needed to perform the screenings, and what criteria should be used for referral and recommendations for follow up. This is one example of how the nursing process is used in a community health setting to identify needs.


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Grand Canyon University (Ed). (2018). Community & public health: The future of health  care. Retrieved from https://lc.gcumedia.com/nrs427vn/community-and-public-health-the- future-of-health-care/v1.1/

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