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Discussion 1 DUE THURSDAY

 You are going to start hosting a weekly discussion of trending topics in your field of study, (Liberal Art) and would like anyone interested to be able to access it whenever they want to listen.

In your initial post, address the following:

  • What general technology-mediated channel might you consider using to suit your audience, purpose, and tone? Why?
  • What are key considerations you will need to address regarding your audience, purpose, and tone when selecting a specific technology platform?


Video Journal: Audience Analysis



Do you have a favorite public speaker? Or do you remember a speech that has made an impact on you? This can be a podcast, a TV show, a web series, or a live performance you attended. For example, you may remember a TED talk that particularly impressed you. What was the purpose of this speech and who was the target audience? In this journal assignment, you will identify and analyze the audience for a talk or presentation.

Please note that your Bongo submission is only viewable by your instructor.


Choose a presentation or talk that you have liked or found useful. Think about what you liked about it and how the topic was relevant or meaningful for you as the audience. Then, reflect on the speech, its purpose, and target audience in a video journal.

Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

  • Topic Title and Relevance: Provide a brief summary of the topic and explain why you chose this speech. Remember to include the title of the speech and name of the speaker.
  • Audience Analysis: Describe the purpose and provide an analysis of the target audience of the speech.
  • Audience-Centeredness: Describe some ways in which the speaker adapted the speech to meet the needs of the target audience.
  • Presentation Tools: Identify any presentation tools or technologies the speaker used. Explain how these tools were helpful in making the speech relevant or more engaging for the target audience.

Guidelines for Submission

Submit your response as a 2–3 minute Bongo video. Sources should be orally cited according to APA style.

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