Quality Patient Care for Professional Issues Paper


                        URINARY TRACT INFECTION          



1.    Describe a clinical topical problem(     Urinary Tract Infection ) based on your observation or involvement of a clinical area that could be improved for quality of patient care by using a modified or changed process, including any of the current process, policies, procedures, or patient care guidelines .


2.    Gather and read at least 5 related articles (at least 6 research papers published in last 5 years) on the topic and include in the reference list.


3.    Identify the causes (or include root cause analyses) and related factors, and summarize the factors and potential solutions for the best patient care.


4.    Identify at least 2-3 related patient care outcome sensitive indicators (specify which one(s) are key indicator(s) and which ones are secondary related outcome indicators) for evaluation.  Identify which indicators are currently included in the national databases, for example, ANA ANCC standard indicators, and include the national average data such as incidence, percent, per thousand patient days etc. 


5.    Develop specific goals, action plans, and steps of evaluation needed for better and improved quality patient care .


6.    Discuss potential barriers, challenges, solutions, and benefits with the change or modification to the care process, and summarize the potential significant improvement for quality patient care .




This paper must be double-spaced with one-inch margins (use 12-point Times New Roman or 11-point Arial).  The paper must be submitted in APA style and format.  The length of paper excluding the title page and the references or appendices is 5 to 7 pages.  Professionalism (do not hand in a paper of only quotes and paraphrases, or “cut and pasted” information from other sources), correct grammar and spelling, and complete sentences are expected.  Include original thoughts and critical thinking following presentation of problems, findings, or current concepts. To paraphrase is to summarize a passage or rearrange the order of a sentence and change words using synonym (check APA manual).  To plagiarize is to present the work of others as if they were his or her own work (check APA manual).  Plagiarism is violation of academic honesty, and could result in failing the course and graduation.   



Safe Assign

Safe Assign is a plagiarism prevention tool that detects unoriginal content in students’ papers by identifying areas of overlap between submitted assignments and existing works. All papers will be submitted through Safe Assign to ensure that no portion of the paper has been plagiarized.

After a paper has been processed, an assessment report will be available that will show the percentage of text in the submitted paper that matches existing sources. This percentage must not exceed 20%. Note: papers exceeding 20% may receive a score of a zero at the discretion of the instruction.













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