U10D1 minumum 250 words

Discuss which course activities and readings were most helpful to you:       What useful career information did you came away with? How do you think you will use critical thinking, research skills, and competencies that were emphasized in the course when you are working as a psychologist? How do you think you might use the services of Capella’s Career Center to help you stay focused on your professional goals, now and throughout your program? Discuss how your interests in psychology, career vision, and professional perspective have changed during this course. Identify the greatest challenges you see that lie ahead for you. How will you deal with those challenges? Include what you have learned about yourself throughout this course. Include what you are most excited about related to your career plan. Explain how you will contribute to your field and the welfare of your clients when you are a working psychologist. Specify ways in which you envision yourself giving back to your community beyond practicing in field. Look ahead to the end of your career, and identify what you would like your legacy to be.

Be sure to cite course readings to support your statements.

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