Target Markets


Target Markets: how coles sees its customers (2 target markets each)(

How aldi sees there customers(2 target markets each)(

Based on the above target market analyse consumer influence on purchase behaviour; i.e, how the marketing strategies company make will affect the customers and influence them to buy in there stores)

Analysis of consumer influence:

Recommendations: (for each target markets and link to theories and concepts of the course)

Recommendations on store layout (2-3 recommendations)-

Recommendations on target market: link to course material (2-3 recommendations)-

Recommendations on consumer influence


Photos: (please take below mentioned pictures)

Self checkout lanes in coles-few lines explanation

Fast lane in coles-few lines explanation

Checkout lanes in Aldi-few lines explanation

Coles vegetables section, we have products like “Australian grown”, some picture that shows. -few lines explanation

Veg section in aldi-few lines explanation

Some of the aldi products liketoothpastes, -few lines explanation

Same product in coles , toothpastes section in coles. -few lines explanation

Coles in house butcher and meat section pictures-few lines explanation

Aldi meat section picture-few lines explanation






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