[SOLVED]: response to classmate week 7 discussion 1

[SOLVED]: response to classmate week 7 discussion 1

please provide feedback and an additional research question:


My research study is based on how art therapy helps improve the quality of life of people living with dementia. Based on extensive research and positive outcomes, the theory of art therapy indicates that with long-term therapy, patients can improve cognition, learning and social and perception skills. This research study will guide me through exploring music, painting, probably dancing, stimulates the brain and helps patients remember and also decrease anxiety and agitation. Nevertheless, there is a theory that women suffer more from dementia than men and a specific population is more affected by dementia than other minor populations. Dementia is also a social problem, little is known about dementia because this illness has not been studied and the government does not know how to deal with this social problem, how to create programs that will help patients with dementia to pay for medical care, or develop activities that will enhance their lives. It is also suggested that dementia should be considered as a biomedical and clinical study, like what diseases are related to dementia and why do they cause dementia? What social factors impact patients living with dementia, is it the environment, their diet, genetics, or certain medications they take? On the other hand, can dementia be reversible by therapy in patients with mild dementia or who suffered from brain surgery? Maybe all these questions cannot be answered in research study, but it will open the path for another future research study and dementia can be addressed properly by developing therapies, activities, and programs that will offer support for people living with dementia.

Research Problem 

The purpose of this study is to answer how art therapy can improve the quality of life of patients with dementia.

Research questions:

How does art therapy stimulate the right cerebral hemisphere of patients with dementia?

Does dementia affect more women than men and what ethnicity is more affected by dementia?

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