[Solved] Could Also Use Duct

[Solved] Could Also Use Duct


These reflection and application writing assignments are designed to connect what you are learning conceptually in class to your own life or what you see in the world around you. These assignments also offer an opportunity to practice communicating about psychological concepts.

Reflection Prompt

In class (and in the book), you learned about the concept of functional fixedness—the tendency to think about an object only in terms of its typical use.  One example would be using duct tape ONLY to hold things together.  But,  you could also use duct tape to get a splinter out of your finger or as a band aid.  Describe TWO ways that you (or someone you know) have overcome functional fixedness.  How do you think this relates to creativity? What would be a next research question about this topic?

Formatting and Style

This reflection should be about 1 page (typed/double-spaced) in length and will not require additional research outside of your book and/or lecture material, though you are welcome to add outside research if you wish.  If you are using direct quotes from the book to make connections, remember to cite your book as a reference (any style is acceptable, just make sure to give credit where credit it due!). If you are using content from knowledge you have learned in class lectures, you do not need to cite.

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