[SOLVED]: Assignment

[SOLVED]: Assignment

 In 500 words, -Write about Task Centered Theory in relation to macro and policy, by state and federal policy of  the state of Georgia.

In  500 words, -Complete MSE of each member of the Thomas family, assessment with family system.

Include the Task Centered Theory within the assignment. Task Centered Theory is a list of tasks to help a family dynamic maintain organization within the household.  

Please provide a reference page and references throughout the paper. List five references of peer-reviewed articles. Make sure references are within the last five years. Running heads are not to be on the paper. Make sure paper is in APA 7 formatting. Make sure the paper is Zero percent plagiarism. 

Thomas Family:

The Thomas family, multiracial background (Afro-Latino American and Caucasion), both parents aged 40, one minor child – son 9 yr old with Autism. Both parents hold college degrees and reside in Houston, Texas. Mrs. Thomas is from a large interactive family and Mr. Thomas is from a distant small military family. The husband is a retired military veteran who completed 2 tours in Iraq and 1 tour in China. They were married after both completed their college education and the husband entered the military. After retirement, the husband works at a correctional facility, with long 12 hour shifts and the wife works part-time and carries the bulk of responsibility for the care of their son with Autism with high-functional capacity. The husband is physically and mentally exhausted, very irritable often, has difficulty concentrating, constantly worrying about household finances, and has difficulty sleeping. 

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