Securing Your Home Wireless Network

PROJECT III Securing Your Home Wireless Network Wireless networks are so ubiquitous and inexpensive that anyone can easily build one with less than $100 worth of equipment. However, wireless networks are exactly that—wireless— they do not stop at walls. Living in an apartment, dorm, or house means that your neighbors can access your network. It is one thing to let neighbors borrow sugar or a cup of coffee, but problems occur when you allow them to borrow your wireless network. There are several good reasons for not sharing a home wireless network including: ■ Slowing of Internet performance. ■ Potential for others to view files on your computers and spread dangerous software such as viruses. ■ Possibility for others to monitor the websites you visit read your email and instant messages as they travel across the network, and copy your usernames and passwords. ■ Availability for others to send spam or perform illegal activities with your Internet connection. Project Focus Securing a home wireless network makes it difficult for uninvited guests to connect through your wireless network. Create a document detailing how you can secure a home wireless network.

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