Safety Questions 2

I need a paragraph for each question with details,


1) How can universities and colleges improve their understanding of what leads an offender to target random individuals during a violent crime?



2)  What pre-incident behaviors were directed toward the targets?


3)  What factors motivated or triggered the attacks? How did target selection compare with the actual victims?


4)  In your opinion, what are some of the things that college and university administrators can do to improve campus safety and prevent or reduce violence? What can you (as a student or group of students) do to prevent a repeat of these senseless killings at our higher institutions?




5)  Have you been affected by a school or work-related violence of any kind? Briefly discuss the nature of the violence and how you survived or dealt with it.




– Use you own words (No references)

– Use simple words

– 2 or 2 and half pages

– See the attachment for more information

– Due on Thursday by 12:00pm

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