Reaction paper

Please DO NOT summarize the article, use quotes, or critique the clarity or quality of the writing of the authors.

In 5 pages (12 point font, Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins, double-spaced) please provide your reaction to the theory/concepts/methods/findings/conclusions of the paper.Note you do not need to (nor do you have the space) to discuss all of these issues.You may also point out what the authors did well. Please select a few points that you want to discuss and provide the rationale for why you thought something was a strength or a weakness of the study or studies described in your chosen article. The lecture on methods in Developmental Psychology is also a great reference for this paper. You might want to discuss future directions or how this article fits with one of the theories we discussed or another area of developmental psychology that we have covered, so reviewing your notes or the text on the developmental period highlighted in the article you choose and incorporating that information is welcomed.You may use the first person; however, the focus of the paper should be on the theory and methods of the article you chose and incorporating what you have learned in class. Therefore, personal stories or anecdotes are not addressing the assignment. For example, an appropriate use of the first person might be: “I thought that a strength of Leonard and Eiden’s (2007) study was their incorporation of both parent and child influences on the development of aggression.This is important because…”Please be critical but constructive. Please use professional language. 

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