Psychology of Addiction

Attached is the paper that needs revisions.

Please list and describe the various models that describe the etiology of addiction. Remember to discuss the models in chronological order, this order was identified by the outcome of the drag and drop practice exercise. In your discussion of each model, explain to what (or whom) does the model link the etiology of addiction along with relevant history of the development of this model. Be sure to discuss each of the categories discussed in the text and provide sufficient detail to demonstrate your understanding of the reading. In your discussion of the Public Health perspective be sure to include information regarding the role of heredity, DNA and genetics in the development of substance use disorders. You may find it helpful to use outside sources to supplement this section.

Next discuss which of these models most closely aligns with your personal philosophy of addiction and why. When stating your reasons, support your position with academic support regarding specific aspects of your chosen model.

This paper should be a minimum of three pages (in APA format).

Your paper should bein APA style12 point fontdouble-spaced

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