Psychology MCQs

Weight’’ is
A.mighty burdens on the soul
B.the depths of one’s thoughts
C.a synonym for “lofty”
D.part of the object’s ‘‘essence’’

_______ was the great promoter of empirical science during the early seventeenth century.

Berkeley (1687– 1758) eventually became an Anglican bishop. This was in direct response to:
A.the Church’s Doctrine.
B.the materialism of Locke’s view.
C.the completion of his essay An Essay Towards of New Theory of Vision.
D.the death of his young wife

Reid’s criteria for demonstrating common sense and thus debunking the theory of ideas include:
A. criterion of self-evidence
B. common sense
C. certainty of perception
D. all of the above

Stewart believed
A.that mind may not be spoken of unless it is recognized that certain powers are inherent in it.
B.that our sensory knowledge is always of secondary qualities.
C.human habits were devoid of the influence of Church and God.
D.the hallmark of Scottish School was its haggis and port.

“Duration” is an example of
A.time according to Reid.
B.a measurement of infinity according to Locke.
C.a secondary law according to Brown.
D.personal strength against a stressor according to Skinner.

Locke’s masterpiece was the ‘‘essay’’ that was written over a twenty-year period and comprises four volumes.

Hume stated it was not possible that all that we know of causes and effects comes from our experience or in recounting of the experience of others.

Kant believed that all that we can know is our experience and that the soul is not felt as an entity but only as an idea in consciousness.

Self love is an original and not resolvable sense of duty that is expressed in all languages, involves emotions evoked by instances of right and wrong, and is not the product of education and fashion.

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