Psychology Discussion Question min 300 words……NO PLAGARISM!!…WILL BE REPORTED!!!


This discussion is in regards to the long-term physical and psychological consequences of childhood obesity. There are documented morbidity and mortality rates related to obesity in adolescence with connections to obese adolescents at greater risk for death and adult obesity. Create an initial factual response to demonstrate the psychological and social consequences of childhood obesity from findings from a peer reviewed journal article.

Think of any connections with obesity for this age group to pulmonary problems, hip problems, high blood pressure and elevated blood cholesterol, low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, or exclusion from peer groups.  You select the area of impact that interests your from obesity. Search any peer reviewed journal article to conduct further research with this topic. Once you have found an article connecting to the area that you are interested in then you create your initial post. Your initial post is factual on the topic with connections to the article that you locate. 
Cite your source in text with APA format as well as a full reference citation at the end of the post in APA format.

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