PSYC 341 – Memory and Cognition

Answer the questions below

Question 1:

Some people do not hesitate to walk across a fiery pit of glowing coals. For most of us, firewalking is likely to be a big decision. Suggest what kind of measurements might tell us how firewalkers differ from people who refuse to firewalk. Be inventive; it’s not a research proposal. It’s fine to begin with cultural or genetic or experiential differences, but then try to pinpoint the mental trait or process or deficiency that would lead one person to be a firewalker and another to refuse. Remember that we want something we can measure: how fast? how much? how accurately?

Question 2:

Suggest an example of how others manipulate our attention. You might think of catchingsomeone’s gaze by flirting, hijacking their emotions in film, fooling them with stage magic, or pick an example you prefer. Include your interpretation: What does your example show about attention?

Question 3:

Let’s decide: Are we zombies*? Take a side pro or con and defend your decision. Are zombies conscious? If we are zombies—mentally at least—why do we need a big brain? If we are not zombies, why are we so bad at metacognition, or knowing what we know?

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