An Annotated Bibliography which includes an APA formatted listing of peer-reviewed, evidence-based (meaning they are about scientific research conducted by the article authors and not expert opinion essays or summaries of other researchers studies) articles to be used for the development of the paper with an accompanying brief description of what each covers (to be written in the student’s own words—copying or paraphrasing the article abstract is not permitted) is d ue by the end of Week 4 of the course . The annotated bibliography is worth 50 possible points and is part of the total Literature Review Paper points possible. If it is not submitted by the end of Week 4, 50 points will be deducted prior to any other grading of the paper.
 paper topic   Childhood and adolescent mental disorders and treatment effectiveness

I have attached Articles!!! but aside from them please provide two more articles that are not more then 10 years old.

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