Ppt due in 5 hours- Masters in public health

In this section, you will develop a presentation about  EBOLA for the  financial and program officers. The presentation will discuss a broad  initiative to address the issue you have selected. To develop the  presentation, complete the following: Identify one issue—EBOLA Identify policies and system issues that contribute to the problem,  and identify the internal and external resources needed to address the  issue. Explain the host, agent, and environmental factors affecting this problem. Justify why this issue is appropriate for the foundation to support,  citing relevant unmet needs, government policy initiatives, NGO  interest, business involvement, global trends, and variability in access  to care or treatment, etc. Discuss the public health aspects of the initiative you propose.  Explain how projects must fit into the definitions of public health  found in the readings. Consider the systemic ramifications and  situational factors that will affect the foundation’s involvement. Analyze the benefits to public health if the foundation supports this issue. In your analysis, address the following: Using the idea of Return Of Investment, compare benefits of preventative initiatives  versus treatment initiatives as they relate to this health issue. Identify some potential global benefits of this initiative in terms of needs and outcomes. Explain what communications might be required with grantees (e.g.,  type of programs, contracts, release from responsibility, notifications  of research and service, suggestions for reporting progress, promotion  of the foundation goals, collaborations, media press releases,  interviews, etc.). Propose a way to implement and monitor  communications.

For The Presentation, develop a 6–8-slide presentation in PowerPoint format.

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