Pediatric Sleep Disorders/Sleep in Children with Chronic Illness.

Read Chapter 25 in your book on sleep disorders Pediatric Sleep Disorders

Read the 4 quick handouts- all are pdfs entitled D10-Obstructive Sleep Apnea, D12-Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS), D13-Periodic Limb Movements (PLMS), D14-narcolepsy,

Watch the powerpoint with Voiceover in Week 4 folder on behavioral treatments of sleep disorders

Read the pdf on sleep in children with chronic illness

Read the pdf on chapter 14 Clinical case on sleep disorders

You will send a 4-5 page (Thorough!) single spaced summary of what you have reviewed and what you learned. (just so I know they are completed). FOR ANY CREDIT: 1) IT MUST BE 4 FULL pages single spaced; 2) you must refer to the content of each aspect of the assignment (ppts, videos, readings, etc); and 3) give a few statements on the assignments as far as what you learned, what you didnt know, your reaction to the activity what is most important, what you liked/didn’t like about the activity. If your first reaction summary is not correct I will allow you to resubmit it the following week.

TEST QUESTIONS: Each week along with the reaction summary you will submit 3 test questions from either the Handbook of Psychology chapter that week. If there is not a chapter, pick 3 from any part of the assignments that week. PLACE THESE ON THE FOLLOWING PAGE AFTER YOUR REACTION SUMMRY ENDS> THEY DO NOT COUNT TOWARD PAGE REQUIREMENT FOR REACTION SUMMARY

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