Paper – Thinking Critically about Ethical Issues

Each student will write a paper and make an oral presentation according to the following guidelines. 
1. Select a specific case from current events in which you identify an ethical issue. 
2. Research the case for facts and details. 
3. Define the facts. 
4. Specify the ethical issue(s) involved. 
5. Research any applicable Codes of Ethics for the profession involved. 
6. After gathering this data, compose a Premise and Conclusion one-sentence statement that summarizes your judgment on the ethical issue of the case. 
7. Support your judgment with text references, appropriately cited. One reference from each chapter of the text. 
There should be at least on reference from each chapter covered in the course.
“thinking critically about ethical issues”, eighth edition by Vincent Ryan Ruggiero
8. External sources will increase your grade. 
9. Written and oral skills count in grading! 
1. At least 1500 words. 
2. Double-spaced. 
3. Works cited page

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