The journal entry (1–2 pages)

·         Review the Learning Resources, including the “Final Project Overview” document.

·         Think about the positive impacts of entering the field of mental health counseling and starting this degree program.

·         Consider how getting your degree and becoming a counselor may impact you and your loved ones, your career, and your larger community in the future.

·         Explain the potential impacts your experiences in this program and becoming a mental health counselor may have on your personal and professional life. 

·         In your explanation, identify the one main positive thing you hope to get out of this experience.


1) Discussion (APA FORMAT)

Self-Care Strategies

In order to be successful in your mental health counseling career and remain passionate about serving clients, it is necessary to maintain personal and professional wellness. Helping clients, while intrinsically rewarding, is difficult work. Counseling sessions are often filled with intense client stories, experiences, and emotions that can be stressful for you as well as the client. For this Discussion, you explore self-care strategies you can use to help you maintain personal and professional wellness.

To prepare for this Discussion:

Review the articles in the Learning Resources. Focus on self-care strategies and think about which you might use as a mental health counselor.

Review the media programs in the Learning Resources. Focus on self-care and stress management strategies.

Select two self-care strategies presented in the Learning Resources for this Discussion. Select one strategy that you have used with success and one other strategy that you would like to try and/or use to contribute to your personal and professional well-being. If you have never used a self-care strategy, you may select two that you would like to use in the future.


1) Boundaries: would like to use. Say no sometimes to people

2) Physical fit and rest: I have used/Kickboxing/gym 4 days a week/7hours of rest


2) Discussion (APA FORMAT)

Criteria for Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

As a scholar-practitioner in the field of counseling you will use peer-reviewed journal articles as a key component in your scholarly writing and research. However, there are also times when it is acceptable to use non peer-reviewed articles. It is your responsibility, as a future scholar-practitioner, to know what constitutes a peer-reviewed article and when it is acceptable to use non peer-reviewed articles in scholarly writing.

For this Discussion, you will develop criteria to determine whether a journal article is peer-reviewed and apply it to an article found in the Walden Library. In addition, you explore the importance of using peer-reviewed articles and when it may be acceptable to use non peer-reviewed articles as a scholar-practitioner.


Library link


Questions to answer:

Title of the article (Database Name): Permalink to the article.

Impression of the Selected Peer Reviewed Journal Article

Articles Purpose, Intended Audience, and Evidence

Steps Used to Find the Selected Peer Reviewed Article


Criteria Used for the Selected Peer Reviewed Journal Article

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