Oedipus the King

Compose a three- to five-page essay using one of the following questions: As in Oedipus the King, a major theme in Othello is man's inability to reliably distinguish between what seems to be and what actually is. Explain how this shared theme of "uncertain vision" is treated somewhat differently in Othello than it is in Oedipus the King. In both Othello and A Doll's House we see a marriage disintegrate because of actions initiated by a malevolent character. Compare Iago's and Krogstad's motivations, identifying to what degree either character is personally responsible for the final destruction of either marriage. As in your previous essay assignments, be sure that you develop and adhere to a clearly identifiable focus and purpose, and that you provide sufficient evidence from the texts of the plays to support or verify the position you adopt in your argument. Also, be certain that you have correctly documented all references to the dramas. Review "Document Sources Using MLA Style," beginning on page 1978, and follow these guidelines: create a clear and limiting title (a title page will not be necessary) double-space your essay use standard margins number your pages set off and indent ten spaces, and double space quoted material over three lines proofread your essay carefully.

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