Nurse Practitioner Interview

 I need at least a  6-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker notes. The professor wants us to individually locate a nurse practitioner, who has been practicing for at least 3 years, and conduct an interview with them using the questions developed by the team.    You need to interview a Nurse practitioner using the questions below and do 6-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker notes.The 5 interview questions are below: 

1.  How, or did, your previous nursing experience help you progress from the novice to proficient/expert APRN role?

2. What are the roles and functions of a nurse practitioner in your workplace? What are some of the challenges that you are currently facing and how do you handle them?

3. Does your employer require you to participate in ongoing competencies or nursing organizations? If so, how does this requirement add value to your APRN practice? 

4. Are you currently in a leadership position that has the ability to bring positive changes in health policy for your patients?

5. Did you have any challenges developing positive interprofessional relationships in your transition from a novice APRN to a proficient/expert level? What opportunities do you have to build strong interprofessional relationships with physicians and other APRNs?

Add a  reference slide 

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