The “Global Issues in Context: Left Homeless, Storm Victims Turn to Internet to Find Shelter” podcast, located in this week’s Electronic Reserve readings.The podcast discusses the use of technology to locate available places where homeless storm victims can find shelter. If a family locates a place using the electronic resource, they are expecting it to be a guarantee. Consider some of the risks associated with misinformation.

Imagine you are a reporter for a national news syndication. You are tasked with writing a summation of the usefulness of technology in a crisis situation. Be sure to include in your article your opinion of or personal experience with crisis.

Write a 350- to 700-word article that discusses the following:How was the use of technology demonstrated in this podcast?Identify uses of information technology to connect clients to online resources.Is there any danger in being dependent on technology, specifically in the scenario from the podcast?Evaluate the differences between and benefits of electronic information over receiving information in a written printed format.When considering the needs of people in crisis, how effective is the use of technology in the following circumstances?Speed of informationAccuracyAccess to the technologyUpdating dataHow can a human service agency ensure that they are not liable for information that could be wrong?Are there any regulations you can think of that should be considered when providing access to materials using technology?

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