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Below are the 14 various disabilities under IDEA.


In 14 paragraphs


1.  Define all the various disabilities under IDEA.

2.  Include possible causes for the 14 disabilities.

3.  Give prevalence rates for all the 14 disabilities.

4.  Describe evidence based interventions of students served in each of the 14 disabilities.

No use of direct or verbatim quotes, use this  website, for the definitions. Use books or journal articles to answer the rest of the questions. Put your essays in. Factual information is required. Do not put your personal beliefs, personal experiences, or personal opinions.

14 Categories of Disability Under IDEA




Developmental delay

Emotional disturbance

Hearing impairment

Intellectual disability

Multiple disabilities

Orthopedic impairment

Other health impairment

Specific learning disability

Speech or language impairment

Traumatic brain injury


Visual impairment, including blindness

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