Students will conduct a transferable skills analysis. O*NET Online and Job Accommodation Networks websites will also be critical to completion of the assignment.  

O*NET ASSESSMENTS (Interest Profiler & Work Importance Profiler) The Occupational Information Network (O*NET) program is the primary source of occupational information online provided by the US Department of Labor. O*NET includes a set of free selfdirected career exploration/assessment tools to help individuals consider and plan career options, preparation, and transitions more effectively. For this assignment you will take an online version of 

the O*NET Interest Profiler and the O*NET Work Importance Profiler. The Interest and Work Importance Profilers are based mainly on theories discussed in this course and previous classes. These inventories will not be used in any way to determine the fit or appropriateness of your own career path, but rather to gain understanding about the use and understanding of career assessment tools and their connection to career development theory and how they are used to assist our consumers. 


1. You will select a job/career in which to conduct a job analysis.  This will require you to find a individual within the position and you would typically spend some time observing them perform the job.   2. You will then meet with them and begin the analysis of the job.  Use the template to guide your interview provided on Blackboard. (provided by the University of Houston). 3. Once you have completed the job analysis with the individual and the job selected. You will looks up a disability of your choice.  Your point of reference will be: What if my interviewee in which I completed the job analysis has acquired the chosen disability?  How would this disability impact their ability to perform the current job?  What are the limitations, and the strengths that they currently possess?  Which of these skills, abilities, interests, and knowledge are transferable? 4. Utilize resources such as the ONET, & Dictionary of Occupational Titles  to develop a placement plan to transition this individual into a new career that you have determined as most appropriate once you have taken into account the acquired disability. Your Job Analysis Questionnaire will also inform the plan. 5. Including the Job Analysis Questionnaire the assignment will be between 8-10 pages.  You may utilize information from your Disorder Case Presentation

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