It's a 5 page paper not including title page, abstract and reference page. It's psychology 420, it's psychology measurement course

Integration  Paper Instructions


Description:  This paper  is the capstone project of the course, and it will   describe   your approach to the relationship between psychology and Christianity .  You will classify your approach and note the strengths and limitations of your view as well as reflect on different factors that led to your position.


Purpose:  This course  has presented several  model s  of the relationship between  Christian  faith and the discipline of psychology . Your  view of the relationship between psychology and Christian faith will guide  your  practice of psychology, both professionally and personally.  This paper provides an explicit avenue for you  to articulate a coherent view of the relationship betw een psychology and Christianity.


Details: 1.  Papers will be graded on the quality of thinking, defense, organization, clarity, and grammar…not on whether you agree with the  instructor’s  position. 2.  Begin with an introductory paragraph that describes the importance of examining the relationship between psychology and Christianity. The last sentence of the introduction  must  be your thesis statement that guides the rest of your paper. •  Example:  Upon consideration of the evidence from various disciplines of study, it seems like the  allies  model best captures the relationship between psychological science and Christian faith. 3.  In writing about your position (you  wi ll need to classify your approach), be sure to touch on the following  (and remember to cite Entwistle and Johnson when you use their ideas) : •  What methods of knowing are appropriate for Christians and why (this will actually help you classify your approach) ; •  A thorough description of the model and how it views the relationship between psyc hology and Christianity ; •  How your mo del views the  t wo  b ooks  concept ; •  Strengths of the model ; •  Limitations of the model  (be sure to include critiques offered by those who hold other positions) ; and •  Remember to use transition statements as you move from one main idea to the next. 4.  End with a conclusion. 5.  Avoid using  1st  person. •  Instead of saying “I think Christians should embrace psychology,” say “Christians should embrace psychology.” •  Instead of saying “My view corresponds with the Colonialist position,” say “The Colonialist position seems strongest.” 6.  The  instructor  will not proofread papers, but it is acceptable for a friend to proofread for clarity, grammar, and spelling. 7.  If you need assistance, contact   The O nline  Writing Center .

Paper format: •  Paper text  must   be   5   pages,  excluding  references, title page, and abstract. •  Times New Roman, 12 point font, 1”   margins. •  Sections : o  Title page o  Abstract  on separate page, mentionin g thesis and summary of the pap er . To get the maximum points, be sure to clearly mention the thesis and provide a summary of the main ideas and conclusions.   Tip:   It is often easier to  write  your abstrac t  at  the end  of your paper . o  Body (5 pages) : See above o  References : ▪  Make sure to use  current  APA format . ▪  Do  no t assume that the format presented by the  Jerry Falwell Library   search engine is correct . ▪  Be sure to cite Entwistle, Johnson, and the Bible (but remember that the Bible does  no t appear in the References section) . •  Check the  current  APA  s tyle  m anual  for details. •  You must use M icrosoft  Word . •  S ubmit  your paper  to SafeAssign i n  B lackboard .

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