Improving Retention


As we have seen, memory is a very complex process that involves encoding, storage and retrieval. Failure of any one of these steps can result in information being lost. Fortunately, there are many different ways of enhancing the ability to remember. In this assignment you will be asked to research and report on one effective method. As you create your discussion post, consider the following: What techniques can enhance memory retention and each stage of the process? What is one specific method and how does it work?

 Choose one step in the memory process, encoding, storage, or retrieval. Then choose one method or technique for improving the processing of information at that stage to make it more likely that the material will be available for retrieval. The method you choose should be something that you can apply in your everyday life. Using the at least two other source, describe the technique in as much detail as possible and explain why it works, using the appropriate vocabulary related to the principles involved. Then describe how you would apply this method for your own benefit. The additional source should be, in order of preference: Peer-reviewed (professional) journal articles, books on learning and memory, or websites dedicated to one of those topics. 

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