Human Behavior Due tonight by 11:00 pm eastern


One paragraph with (resources and citations regarding the questions only)Discussion 1 The purpose of this discussion is to arrive at a comprehensive description of the value of research in human development so that you can make use of the ideas in the readings as you begin work on your course project.


Research is an integral part of any science. After reading this unit’s studies, it may be clearer to you that the scientific method as outlined in your text sets the stage for methodological inquiry. The systematic study of a topic is also affected, as the author notes, by constructs that lend value to the understanding of research, such as culture, philosophy, and experience. The fundamental basics of research are supplemented by approaches that incorporate life experiences, meanings, and expectations. For your initial post in this discussion, consider these ideas, and respond thoughtfully to these questions:


What aspects of our lives and experiences would change if all research in human development stopped today?

How would this affect understanding and the possibilities of predicting human development issues?

To support your post, use sources beyond your course textbook, citing and referencing them using proper APA formatting.


Discussion 2 The purpose of this discussion is to identify and begin to explore the topic of your course project and receive feedback on it before submitting it to your instructor in your Selecting Your Project Topic assignment in this unit. This is the second of three project-related activities in Unit 2 that are designed to be completed consecutively. If you have not done so already, complete the study in this unit, Selecting the Topic for Your Course Project, for ideas on choosing a topic. The Topic I Chose is Attention Deficit Disorder


For your initial post in this discussion, post a description of the topic you have in mind, including:


The people (my 2 children one in college one in high school) in your intended audience (for example: parents, grandparents raising grandchildren, military spouses raising children on their own, other caregivers, and so on).

A brief description of the human development issue they share.

An explanation of how a workshop might be helpful in contributing to their skills in this role.


An explanation of how this issue fits your interests or your background.

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