Groups in society

To prepare for this Rough Draft Essay Worksheet: Read the Interactive Unit and article(s) referenced above. Review Interactive Units 1 and 2. Review the three major theoretical perspectives: functionalist, conflict, and interactionist. Review social institutions and select a specific social institution to analyze. Reflect on your relationship to social institutions and how that might affect your perspective on them. Review the Final Essay requirements and rubric, as this Worksheet is designed to help you better understand the three sociological perspectives and social institutions, and to help you organize your thoughts forand writing for the Final Essay assignmentdue in Week 6.

The Assignment: Download the SOCI 1001S Rough Draft Essay Worksheet document listed in the Required Media for this assignment. Consider the 4 prompts presented in the blue boxes of the SOCI 1001S Rough Draft Essay Worksheet document and respond to them in the white boxes immediately following each prompt. Note that you should present your responses in paragraph form as complete sentences, and each of your responses should be approximately 2 paragraphs in length. Keep in mind that this Worksheet will help to shape the Final Essay that you will write at the end of the course.

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