Environmental, Earth Day, Sustainability

About History, effect, problems of Earth day and solutions to make Earth day more effective and help create awareness


Paper 5 needs to discuss an enviromental issue related to my major which is communication so she said to write on how we could promote Earth day better




8 to 10 page paper in APA style with five sources


Paper #5 will examine an environmental or globalization issue that concerns your major. You must have five scholarly sources, of which at least two must come from the WRIT 112 Sustainability Reading List 2.0.


In addition, you must incorporate a graph, illustration, and an interview or research results. You will prepare a prospectus that will explain out your topic and how you are going to go about getting the information.


In your papers, you will be presenting the results of your research, but you must also take a position to defend. Your opinion is why you think it’s a problem worthy of solving, and you must outline what is being done, what there is still to do, and what the pitfalls are of solving or not solving the problem.


Include the original questions for your survey or interview in an appendix.



 also use this link for at least 2 sources:






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