DSM Disorders

I need help finishing this paper. If you could please the notes that I have attached and finish up. Connect what I have and use new insight. Thank you.

  DSM Disorders

First, develop three lists of DSM disorders: List five disorders that are primarily related to personal sin for which a person is responsible. List five disorders that are not related to personal sin, disorders that are primarily related to suffering for which the person is not responsible (e.g., result from actions of others or a medical disease for which they are not culpable). List five disorders related to both sin and suffering that are a combination of the conditions previously stated.

Second, write a 500-750-word reaction and reflection paper in which you cover the following: Which DSM disorders did you choose to fit in the list provided? What complications did you encounter when trying to fit DSM disorders into the specific list? List specific insights that you gained from completing this activity.

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