Careers in Homeland Security


Bullock, J. A., Haddow, G.D. and Coppola, D. P. (2013). Introduction to Homeland Security, 4th Edition. Boston, MA: Elsevier.

Chapter 9: All Hazards Response and Recovery

Chapter 13: The Future of Homeland Security

Careers in Homeland Security

The purpose of this assignment is to explore career opportunities in homeland security and to reflect on your personal and professional goals. Read the Bureau of Labor brochure on “Careers in Homeland Security”. Explore the Department of Homeland Security website and other relevant websites, and find descriptions of jobs that interest you. Select a career opportunity that requires a Bachelor’s level college degree and complete the written assignment.


Bureau of Labor Statistics (2006). Careers in Homeland Security. Retrieved from

a.) Write a brief description of the career opportunity you chose.

b.) What do you find interesting about this job?

c.) How does your knowledge and experience match up with the posted job requirements?

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