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Lesson 6 Discussion – Stereotyping Based on Age – Availability EndsJul 6, 2017 11:30 PM  Introductory Sociology Section 07G Summer 2017 CO 

 Click on the link below to the article titled, “Age-Based Stereotypes: Silent Killer of Collaboration and Productivity.” Beginning on page three, there are typical stereotypes for each generation listed. Find your generation and respond to the following questions.

Article: Are these stereotypes an accurate description of you? Have you made any of these assumptions about individuals in the other generations? How does it make you feel when someone makes a stereotypical assessment of you? Compare and contrast the three sociological perspectives on aging described in your lesson six readings. Does one of these perspectives resonate more with you than the others? Explain your position.

Discussion post instructions:

– Your response should be at least two 8-9 sentence paragraphs

-APA Citations

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