Bias in the Workplace: How can psychological research, theories, and perspectives be used to reduce bias in workplace hiring and promotion?

Overview: As the final project for PSY 108, you will choose a problem or issue from a provided list to which you can apply the concepts or theories learned in this class. You will then develop an action plan for how you will use psychological ideas and principles in addressing the problem. This assessment will help you recognize the value of psychology, the value of supporting your claims with established views and research, and how psychology can be applied to personal situations. 


Prompt: For this milestone, you will identify two relevant psychological theories that will support your future action plan and describe how each of these can be applied to address the problem you described in Milestone One. You will also discuss how the perspectives of psychologists in different subject areas can inform how you approach your problem in preparation for your action plan. Additionally, you’ll describe the ethical implications that need to be considered in the creation of your action plan. 


Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: 


II. Plan Support: In this part of the assessment, you will identify theories and perspectives in psychology that will support your future action plan. A. Identify relevant fundamental theories in psychology discussed in the course which could be applied to address the problem.  B. Describe how you would apply these fundamental theories in psychology to address the problem.  C. Explain how you can use the perspectives of psychologists in different subject areas within the field to approach your problem.  D. Describe the ethical implications that will need to be considered in the creation of your action plan.  


Guidelines for Submission: You will upload the polished version of the Word document you downloaded from Soomo to the Your SNHU course submission link for instructor grading and feedback. Please see the feedback provided by your instructor in Your SNHU course. Your submission for Milestone Three should be 3 to 4 paragraphs in length, with 12-point Times New Roman font and double spacing. 

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