ASSIGNMENT 1: Value Orientation


ASSIGNMENT 1: Value Orientation

Review the material on value orientation (activity, time, social relationships, human nature, person-nature relationship), individualism, and collectivism. Determine if you are more aligned with collectivism or individualism and explain your position on each facet of the value orientation model (activity, time, social relationships, human nature, person-nature relationship). Provide an example of when you encountered someone who differed from you in each area and explain your thoughts and feelings about each situation.

Write a paper of approximately 1-1.5 pages. Your paper will be evaluated using standards below:

APA Style In-text Citations Reference Page

Organization Organization Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation

Note: This assignment should include APA style citations and a reference list.  Using in-text citations for the textbook material and listing the textbook as a reference is sufficient for this assignment.  However, if you choose to include another source of information, you will need to cite and include that material in the reference list.  Before you begin this assignment, you should review the rubric to get a clear understanding of how I will evaluate it.  After you complete the assignment, you should revisit the rubric to confirm that your content is on target and that you writing adheres to the Weekly Assignment Writing Standards.  If you are not familiar with how to execute the writing standards for this assignment, you will need to set up an appointment with the Writing Center at NLU and follow up with the instructor.

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