application 2


Application: Problem/Issue Selection


Note: Please complete the Application Assignment prior to the Discussion question this week.


Now that you have selected a topic, you will identify an important problem within the broad topic that you would like to explore. In choosing the problem/issue, consider the following questions: Do you want to address a work problem, community problem, or problem that affects the larger society? Why is this problem of interest? Keep in mind that the more complex the problem, the more complex the analysis and potential solutions.


To prepare:

· Review the “Capstone Project: PSYC 6393” PowerPoint presentation from Week 1 that describes the Capstone Project, paying particular attention to the discussion of how to choose a topic. 

· Assess the critical considerations and how they relate to your topic. 

· Read Chapter 2 of the course text, Asking the Right Questions: A Guide to Critical Thinking. 

· Think about a problem/issue that you would like to explore in your Capstone Project, using the provided web sites for identifying a topic if necessary. 

The assignment:

In 1-2 pages, respond to the following:

1. Describe the topic you have selected for your Capstone Project.

2. Describe the problem/issue related to the topic.

3. Justify your selection of the problem/issue.

Choose from the following topics for this assignment:

1. Addictions: Substance Use Disorders and Addictions

2. Health Disparities

3. Sexual Abuse

4. Sports and exercise

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