Below i have attached what i thought was an annotated bibliography pertaining to my topic on ealry literacy development.  and the other attachment is what my instructor looks for in our assignment.  

feel free to find another scholarly article but please know it needs to come from my college library. ashford university online



 Locating Scholarly Articles

This week, you’ll continue working on your annotated bibliography by Using your research question to develop search terms.Using those search terms to find two scholarly journal articles.Writing APA references and annotations for those articles.

Before you get started, be sure to read Module 2 of your textbook, complete the APA skill activity on formatting references and watch Keywords are Critical.  If you have not yet done so, take a few minutes to watch the Strategic Ways to Read Scholarly Articles video (written transcript).

Also, check your instructor’s feedback on your research question for last week’s assignment.  If you’re not sure how to view the comments on your papers, you can learn how by watching this HelpNow! video. Consider the advice that your instructor gave you and your experiences researching your topic. Then, make any necessary revisions to your research question.

To start this assignment, complete the “Generating Search Terms” worksheet.  The “Generating Search Terms” worksheet will help you select the major concepts in your research question.  Think of synonyms, and then develop keywords that you can use to search for your topic.  For example, if you are researching “acid rain,” write down “carbon dioxide,” “air pollution” and/or “smoke.”  Save the keywords that you develop so that you can use them as you search for sources in weeks Four and week Five.  

Note: You do not need to submit this worksheet.  It is for your use only.

After you have developed your keywords, you are ready to search for scholarly journal articles.  Review the steps for using [email protected] for searching for scholarly journal articles by going over the Introduction to the Ashford Library. Now, use [email protected] to locate two scholarly journal articles that are related to your research question.  Be sure to download and save the articles that you choose so that you can refer back to them later if you need to.  Tip:  click the “Full Text” box to make sure you find articles that include the full text and not just a brief description or an abstract.

Now you are ready to create the APA references and annotations for your sources in the Locating Scholarly Articles template. When writing your APA references for your sources, you can refer to the Ashford Writing Center’s Common APA Reference and Citation Models.  You can also view the sample Annotated Bibliography.

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