An Interview of the Changing Definitions of Love

  Assignment: (book)Olson, DeFrain, & Skogrand. (2014). Marriage and Families, Intimacy, Diversity, and Strengths (Eight Edition). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Education.  Interview a divorced or remarried person. Ask how the individual’s definition of love changed as she or he went through the following phases: dating, engagement, marriage, marital dissolution and divorce, singlehood, and remarriage, if applicable. To do this exercise well, spend 45 to 60 minutes with the person to get a good understanding of what happened to the marriage and why. After the interview, assess how the experiences discussed by your interviewee compare with material given in the textbook? For instance, you might relate how information from the interview relates to or is different than Olson and Olson’s ten traits of love, the love triangle developed by Sternberg and Weis, or intimacy games,which are each described in chapter 9 of the textbook. You may also chose to incorporate other related information from the text or other outside sources.

Instructions: Paper length is approximately 750 words Use APA style, including a cover page and reference page. Introductory Paragraph, setting forth a clear statement of your assignment. Comparison of information given in the interview to material from the textbook or other outside sources. In your paper, include the amount of time spent conducting the interview. Conclusion, a concise statement that reaffirms your assignment. Cite a minimum of 2 sources (APA). This can include the textbook, or other outside materials.

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