You are the parent of a young child whom you would like to see become a peaceful, affectionate, and cooperative adult. 

To achieve this goal, to what extent would you consider taking the following steps?

a) preventing your child from watching violent television shows;

b) preventing your child from playing with “aggressive“ children;

c) preventing your child from playing with “violent” toys such as guns, swords, etc.;

d) preventing your child from fighting back if another child kept bullying him or her. 

Rank the above options in the order in which you would take action—“a” being the most to “d” being the least likely to be put into action by you as a parent.  Your must prioritize your choices.

Finally, would you want to eliminate all aggressive behavior in your child? Why or why not?

Supplement your primary reply with an article published between 2007 -2017 about any of the following: An experiment about children and violent television shows An experiment about children and playing with “violent” toys An experiment about children who play with “aggressive” children An experiment about children who are bullied and if self defense is psychologically helpful or harmful.

Be sure to cite your sources, and remember that direct quotes and references do not count toward the minimum word count. APA format. 400 word minimum.

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