a 1-page summary of the choices you made in creating or updating your profile and the active public link to your profile. Instructions on how to do so are included in the 'Professional Guidelines and Rubric-Option B' document. You will be graded on your

Develop a profile on the professional networking site, LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com). Use the ‘Professional Guidelines and Rubric document-Option B’ to guide the development of your profile.
Note: If you are enrolled in a competency-based program, you may alternatively use Pathbrite (www.pathbrite.com) which is a portfolio-based professional site. All other students should use LinkedIn.  Using the Professional Guidelines and Rubric document-Option B for reference, think about what types of things should be in your own professional profile.  This can be found in this week’s Learning Resources.Create your profile, making notes on what you are including and why.  If you are revising an existing profile, make sure to improve it according to the guidelines from our class

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